South Somerset Womens Refuge, Yeovil

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South Somerset Womens Refuge
Po Box 1923
BA21 5YP Yeovil
Somerset England
01935 427594
01935 427549
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, more than 6 months ago

I moved into the refuge this year,they didnt do any over coming abuse with me i was there 6months i left as i came in , i had no support what so ever from the staff i felt the only support i had was getting housing sorted so they could quickly get me out asap only one member of staff seemed genuine like she cared if i was upset that was jess...the others where very dissmissive of feelings including the manager who actually said i cant deal with crying and oh your not crying again are you to one of the girls as a support manager its completley outrageous they treat you like children in a sence of questioning anything that you do but wont even ask how you are. i was there when alot of people came and went and only one girl had a good review of her support worker that was jess again the 8 others actually came to me at times for support which was hard for me when i was trying to deal with my own healing i had to call the police on one occasion as a boy of 12 yrs threttoned to rape my 10 yr old son if he didnt stop annoying him also sat him down for a sex education lesson i had to make sure notging had gone further staff didnt tell me anything about this situation after i made a official complaint for a week after i had to live in a very awkward atmosphere as i wasnt willing to let my child near himstaff said it was confidential even though on occasions was told about other residents that lived there there was favoratism which caused friction ... whilst being there there was drugs alcahole and men invited back to the refuge on two occasions a woman slit her wrists in my bedroom whilst my kids where there i honestly feel let down by the whole thing its basically felt like a mother and baby unit but with more issues i cried to one of the support workers about what my kids had seen she brushed it off and said it just the way im feeling at the moment because i said i feel like they would leave there more damaged then what they came in i had digs about my mental health because i got put on a tablet that didnt agree with me and a number of staff made little comments about it which really annoyed me because at the time it was a rough few weeks for me ive left i have a support worker ive asked her for over coming abuse and my support worker before her SEVERAL times thats all i really wanted as ive gone from bad relationship to worse i feel thats all i needed and maybe the staff to ask if i was ok once in a while instead of spending money on cake ladies coming in maybe they could think about using that time to not scoff their faces and drink tea but to have a group discussion about whats going on how we can move on from what had happened but nothing. Also at times when i went to chat staff told me to go away as they were doing course work?!?!?!? I cant stress enough how let down i am by it all !one women had broken down to me and been chucked out because she needed support and wasnt getting it i felt if she had it she wouldnt of been made homeless so much went on there it was like a breath of fresh air when i got my own home its drama central when u have just come away from a bad situation it doesnt end there it ends when u get your house and u can try and move on (BY MYSELF) also there was donations of flowers alot during summer time that i planted and was told i could take there was more recently after i moved out and a friend i dropped off gave me some left out the back said they where donations and the manager has just said to my friend if i dont return them she would call the police and get me done for theft she hasnt called me to tell me this though like i intentionally went there to steal a fucking flower like i need that right now?! they really do not care about you atall and are shit support workers bar jess! And she wasnt even my support worker ! I dont know what else to say except be very wary of people try and stay strong take it day by day time heals if you are in there keep yourself to yourself i feel your pain!

, more than 6 months ago

I was in the refuge in Yeovil 14 years ago, amazing experience for me. I got loads of support from the staff makes me sad to read that people are not getting the support

Lesley Evans

, more than 6 months ago

i stayed in this refuge in 2013. it was nice, you had your own little flat and all you needed. the only downside was that the stairs, living room etc never were clean and the outside looked awful. i only saw the staff 3 times, if that. but i got housed within 3 weeks. i think they need better staff in there, ones that actually want to see the women. but overall it was ok.

, more than 6 months ago

There is no support at this refuge from the staff. the rooms are filthy and the bedding. there also is no hot water as the boiler needs replacing this apparently has been like this for over a year. things need to change considering the rent is £230+ per week standards need to improve or the place should be closed

, more than 6 months ago

Truly the most awful experience staying in this refuge with my child.filthy dirty a faulty boiler so hardly ever hot water when needed no support what so ever.and bullied by other residents whom of which were only in the refuge at a attempt to be re housed by the council and jump the housing queue.this refuge is a total disgrace and things need to change so the genuine escapees of domestic violence do not suffer by feeling so uncomfortable at the refuge that some leave and return to there abuser.

by more than 6 months ago

Agree !

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